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"Anita Buice, in her book Anita and the Goatman weaves a delightful snapshot of sixties’ Americana.
Spun from actual experience, the tale introduces one to a folksy character known as the Goatman. The
Goatman, with his cluster of beloved goats, lives a nomadic existence traveling the highways of America
and preaching the gospel of Christianity in neighborhoods along the way. Anita, as a spunky seven-year-
old is wary of the Goatman at first meeting but comes to accept his rather eccentric lifestyle. She, with
the help of family and neighbors, is awakened to the realization that one should not judge a person
without knowing their true nature. Buice skillfully captured in an easy-read book the essence of the
Goatman’s travels as well as his camaraderie with local folks in neighborhoods where he has camped
and preached."

-Joel Williams

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