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Anita Buice grew up in the country climbed lots of trees, and even once got her Daddy’s “permission” to have a swimming pool in her Bowdon Junction, Georgia back yard “If you can dig it.”  Thinking he had handled that problem, her Daddy paid no attention while Anita single-handedly attempted to dig her own pool by creating a hole that took her and a sympathetic neighbor the best part of a Saturday to fill back in.

     Anita attended Carrollton City Schools for High School and then went on to graduate from the University of Georgia with a B.S. Ed. in elementary education. After teaching for eight years she completed her Master’s and Specialists degrees in Educational Leadership at the University of West Georgia. She was first an assistant principal and then later became an associate principal for curriculum. Anita bleeds red and black and is a true Georgia Bulldog at heart! Go DAWGS! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

       Anita loves watching musicals, basketball, football and lacrosse games as well as reading books and listening to music.  Her favorite genre to read is historical fiction and she especially loves Broadway tunes, country and jazz.  She lives with her adopted and mischievous kitties, Ella and Gabbi, who keep her very entertained.  But Pierre her one year old Australian Shepherd a sweet puppy that is well-behaved but full of energy and loves to play and get everyone’s attention is her pride and joy.  However she lives for her four children and five grandchildren whom Anita and the Goatman is dedicated.

       She thinks it’s fun to organize and plan things.  Writing Children’s books is a lifetime dream of hers that she was able to fulfill after her retirement.  Now she spends her time with her family, friends and animals and loves encouraging children and adults to fulfill their own dreams of writing Children’s books.   

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